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Hawaii Pacific University
  • Position Number: 3386155
  • Location: Honolulu, HI
  • Position Type: Multicultural Affairs and Affirmative Action

Title IX Coordinator

Job Type: Staff - Regular Full Time Exempt
Job Number: 3585999
Closing: Continuous
Location: Aloha Tower Marketplace, HI

Job Summary:
Hawai'i Pacific University (HPU) is a private, non-profit institution of approximately 3,500 undergraduates and 800 graduate students. Founded in 1965, it is Hawai'i's largest private university with its core campus in the heart of Honolulu's business district.

Under general direction by the Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students, the Title IX Coordinator works closely with student life, human resources, academic affairs, athletics and general counsel to oversee Hawai'i Pacific University's compliance efforts with regard to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as well as other laws and rules relating to sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, gender and interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and related policy violations (collectively referred to below as "gender harassment") on campus (e.g., Violence Against Women Act and the Clery Act). The Title IX Coordinator fosters a safe and supportive environment that is conducive to the academic pursuit and healthy personal development of all persons.

Responsibilities include providing educational programs regarding discrimination and sexual harassment prevention; responding to, investigating and seeking resolution to allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment; overseeing all Title IX complaints and reports of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence and related allegations of sexual misconduct as they impact students or the academic environment; identifying and addressing any systemic problems relating to complaints; working with other departments to ensure Title IX policies are communicated to all constituencies; and communicating with HPU security, law enforcement personnel, and other relevant HPU administrators to assure that reports and complaints of gender discrimination or sexual violence and related misconduct are handled appropriately.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
  • Minimum of five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in a legal, student conduct, student life, Title IX, or related field.
  • Knowledge of affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, Title IX, Clery Act, Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA), and other federal and state policies and practice required for institutional compliance.
  • Demonstrated experience in case management.
  • Strong communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with faculty, staff, and students.
  • Proven experience with complex challenges and analytical assessments, especially with fixed timelines.
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Desired Qualifications:
  • Juris doctorate degree or advanced academic degree in related fields, such as psychology, sociology, social work, education, gender studies, or higher education administration.
  • Experience in higher education that includes duties related to Title IX, student or employee of conduct, and/or disciplinary procedures.
  • Demonstrated experience in the area of interpersonal violence and mediating conflict..
  • Knowledge of and experience in trauma informed training.
  • Knowledge of and experience with issues related to gender harassment; experience in a higher education setting.
Other Qualifications:
  • Strong oral communication with proven experience in leading presentations to varied audiences (for example, briefings to small businesses, student orientations, etc.) in multiple media (such as PowerPoint). Experience with written communication, including technical materials (such as legal reports and memoranda) and materials for a public audience (such as awareness brochures). Exceptional listening skills required.
  • Proven track record of managing simultaneous complex and time sensitive tasks that may have high criticality of error.
  • Report to work obligations to support the department and may require work during HPU's winter break, if necessary.
  • Must meet training and background check qualifications and comply with the Protection of Minors policy.
  • Able to work all shifts and extended hours.
  • Upon hire, candidate must have reliable transportation to all HPU worksites and other locations as required by the position.
  • Successful candidate will be able to work in an environment that utilize excellent time and stress management skills.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Notification and Education (25%)
  • The Title IX Coordinator prepares and disseminates educational materials to campus community, including brochures, posters, and web-based materials that inform members of the campus community of Title IX rights and responsibilities, to the campus community.
  • Provides and/or facilitates ongoing training, consultation and technical assistance for faculty and staff outlining their rights and obligations under Title IX; including the appropriate response to reports of gender discrimination including, but not limited to, sexual misconduct, the obligation to report sexual misconduct, and the extent to which counselors and advocates may keep a report confidential. Facilitates at least one tabletop exercise a year for administrators responsible for addressing reports of discrimination, harassment, and sex misconduct.
  • Provides and/or facilitates ongoing training, consultation and technical assistance for all students outlining their rights under Title IX; with regard to sexual misconduct, reporting options, grievance procedures, applicable disciplinary code, the offices or individuals with whom students can speak confidentially, the office or individuals who can provide support services, the employees who must report incidents to the Title IX Coordinator, and Title IX's protections against retaliation.
  • Coordinates with Director of Safety/Security and Athletics Director, as appropriate, to provide Title IX and related Clery Act training across the institution.
  • Develops, delivers, and oversees culturally responsive educational programs and resources for various cohorts such as LGBTQ+, student athletes.
  • Keeps up to date on all laws and regulations pertaining to Title IX and related regulatory and sub-regulatory guidance.
2. Consultation, Investigation, and Disposition (40%)
  • Oversees and ensures adequate, reliable and impartial investigations of reports and complaints of sexual misconduct.
  • Receives and processes, in a timely manner, inquiries from students, faculty, staff, and administrators regarding rights and responsibilities concerning harassing behavior or other discriminatory behavior in violation of Title IX.
  • Manages the case management database to reflect the most current information and maintenance of historical data.
  • Develops and implements an investigation plan and case management plan for each reported Title IX complaint to include: determining whether the report constitutes sexual misconduct, appointing an investigative team, ensuring that reports and complaints are handled properly and in a timely manner, notifying parties receipt of complain and complaint has been made, informing parties regarding the grievance process, notifying all parties of the grievance decisions and the procedures for appeals if applicable, issuing findings of fact and recommendations for resolution, maintaining records in a secure manner, monitoring compliance in accordance to grievance timeline.
  • Ensures investigators, adjudicators and those involved with processing Title IX complaints are adequately trained in compliance with Title IX guidance.
  • Evaluates requests for confidentiality by those who report or complain about sexual misconduct in accordance with the university's confidentiality policy, Title IX regulations and state and federal law.
  • Takes steps to ensure the parties' equal access to the university's programs and activities and protect the parties as necessary. Such steps may include recommending interim measures before the final outcome of an investigation, providing remedial measures and making the parties aware of all available resources.
  • Receives and processes, in a timely manner, inquiries from third parties who report suspicion of harassing behavior or other discriminatory behavior in violation of Title IX.
  • Refers inquiries to other resources that are not appropriate for investigation (e.g. Human Resources).
  • Monitors compliance of all requirements and time-lines specified in the complaint/grievance procedures.
  • Regularly reviews interview disclosure forms and other processes and procedures on at least an annual basis.
3. Institutional Monitoring and Compliance Assurance (25%)
  • Coordinates and monitors Title IX efforts of the Title IX Deputy Coordinators, other staff, and University offices that receive and/or investigate complaints, including but not limited to Human Resources, Student Conduct, Security, and University Athletics.
  • Organizes and maintains grievance files, disposition reports, and other compiled records regarding complaints of sexual harassment and other discriminatory practices, including annual descriptive reports of number and nature of filed complaints and disposition of complaints.
  • Remains knowledgeable of current state and federal laws and regulations and trends in the field of education related to harassment and other discriminatory practices that violate Title IX.
  • Monitors the Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct policy and procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal law and regulations; serves as a liaison officer to state and federal government compliance or investigation officers.
  • Determines whether campus-wide resources should be adopted in response, including review and revision of the university's Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct policy, increased monitoring, supervision or security at locations where sexual misconduct is reported to occur, and increased education and prevention efforts to targeted populations.
  • Reviews proposed sanctions for sexual misconduct before they are imposed to ensure that they are reasonably calculated to stop the sexual misconduct and prevent its recurrence.
  • Ensures ongoing compliance with Title IX by collecting and analyzing data, writing comprehensive reports and maintaining records of investigations.
  • Assesses the effectiveness of policies and procedures and recommends modifications where appropriate.
  • Ensures policies and procedures are in place for working with HPU Security and local law enforcement, and coordinating with local victim advocacy organizations and service providers.
  • Coordinates the annual campus climate survey regarding sexual discrimination and sexual misconduct.
  • Coordinates voluntary, anonymous surveys for victims to measure process and identify areas of improvements in the process.
  • Monitors patterns, trends, and repeat offenders from a Title IX perspective.
4. Advising and Reporting to University Officials (5%)
  • Provides ongoing consultation regarding Title IX requirements, grievance issues, and compliance programs to the University officials.
  • Reports directly to Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students and assists in resolution of complex harassment and discrimination cases in conjunction with University General Counsel.
  • Coordinates with the Clery Act Compliance Officer with respect to overlapping obligations related to sexual misconduct against students; including prevention, education and training.
  • Prepares annual statistical reports for the campus community on the incidence of sexual harassment or other Title IX matters.
5. Performs other related duties as assigned (5%)
  • Actively participates as an effective member of team by completing assigned duties, accepting additional assignments or reassignments.
  • Serves as Campus Security Authority as outlined by the Clery Act.

This description is not designed to list all activities, duties or responsibilities which may be required for this job. Other duties, responsibilities and activities may be assigned at any time.
Hawai'i Pacific University is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to fostering a diverse, equitable environment in which faculty and staff can excel irrespective of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, marital status, or any other protected class covered by state and federal law. Hawai'i Pacific University encourages applications from veterans and individuals with disabilities. A pre-employment background investigation is performed on candidates selected for employment.

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